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We can provide bookkeeping services in-house or at your place of business. Call 318-220-4416 today to learn more about our accounting services in Shreveport, LA. Chad M Garland in Shreveport, LA can also help you with cash management services.


Cash Flow Analysis and Projections

Capital Budgeting and Analysis

Loan Placement and Document Preparation

Insurance and Estate Planning

Risk Management and Goal Setting for Investments

Account Receivable and Payable Management

Detailed descriptions of the steps:

  1. Meet with the client
    • Information & Document request
    • Log in’s request
  2. Understand the Business
    • Perform research if necessary
  3. Review prior year/month books
  4. Identify & analyze transactions
  5. Ask Questions (as necessary)
  6. Record deposits & payments
  7. Reconcile bank accounts
  8. Reconcile credit card accounts
  9. Record Adjustments (as necessary)
  10. Prepare Financial Statement

Step 1 – 2 ‐> The first time bookkeeping is being done.
Step 3 – 8 ‐> Every time bookkeeping is being done.
Step 3 – 10 ‐> Every time Financial Statements are being prepared.

Bookkeeping Process

We know how to keep ACCURATE RECORDS.

Chad M. Garland, LLC is an established full service accounting firm serving Shreveport Bossier and East Texas.  Whether it’s small business bookkeeping, long term financial planning, business valuation or forensic accounting we are qualified and ready to start working for you.  In addition to our firm’s QuickBooks Certification, all of our staff members are carefully chosen for their education and experience.   Call us today and start enjoying your financial peace of mind.

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Our reports include background information on the company, the subject business interest, financial condition, earning capacity, comparison to peers and projected economic conditions. Get an accurate and insightful business valuation in Shreveport, LA by contacting Chad M Garland, CPA today.