We will detect financial wrongdoing and resolve disputes.

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Get an accurate representation of a company’s worth and potential.

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We’ll make the most of your deductions while adhering to the tax code.

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Make sure your personal or business finances are in order.

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Uncover the Financial Truth

Are you trying to uncover the truth about a financial disagreement? Chad M Garland, CPA, LLC is a forensic accountant in Shreveport, LA who can uncover the financial facts. We expose falsified records and other wrongdoing by relying on years of education and specialized expertise. We utilize a variety of techniques when delving into cases involving:

Fraud Investigations
Embezzlement and Employee Fraud
Business Economic Losses
Shareholder/Partnership Disputes
Personal Injury Claims
Divorce Settlements and Marital Disputes
Insurance Claims
Mediation and Arbitration

We work with attorneys and law enforcement agencies in various kinds of criminal and civil matters. Chad M. Garland is a recognized expert in district and federal court. Call 318-220-4416 today to speak with a forensic accountant in Shreveport, LA about your case.

Our accountant can draw on more than

Three Decades of Experience

The office of Chad M Garland, CPA, LLC in Shreveport, LA serves all of Louisiana, East Texas and beyond with professional accounting and bookkeeping services. Our 36 years of experience and extensive credentials have led to us becoming a recognized expert witness in district and federal court. Contact Chad M Garland, CPA today when you need a forensic accountant to testify in your case.

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We See Beyond The Numbers

Hire an Experienced Accountant in Shreveport, LA

Numbers don’t lie. When you need professional, reliable accounting and bookkeeping services, you want someone who can do the job right. Chad M Garland, CPA, LLC offers an array of accounting services to provide you with the financial services you need. We offer:

Our CPA in Shreveport, LA keeps up-to-date on changing rules and regulations to ensure your practices remain in compliance with the law. Call 318-220-4416 today for accounting services in Shreveport, LA and beyond.